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I help women find freedom from

 Digestive & Autoimmune dis-ease 

using natural solutions

You're in the right place ... 

If you're done with another pill for your ill, constant fatigue, brain fog, pain or excess time spent in the bathroom. 

Health information has you confused. You've spent too much time, energy and money trying to figure it all out.  You want real answers and solutions.

Your chronic health issues have taken a toll on you, your family and your social life. 


Despite all your efforts nothing has worked and you don't know what steps to take next 


That's where I come in ... 

Hi there, it's Julie! 

I understand what it's like to live with chronic health issues while trying to manage family, career, and life. My own health struggles led to my passion to help women with digestive  and autoimmune disorders.


I became an Integrative Nutrition and Functional Medicine Health Coach to learn more about health and how the body functions.


Now I help women identify and work through their own root causes using healthier swaps to food, lifestyle choices and stress.

I want you to improve energy and be able to enjoy food and life again. 

If this is what you want,

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