with Julie

You can fix your Gut health naturally

and reverse your autoimmune issues by

addressing the root cause and ...

Feel healthy from the 


Does this sound like you? 

The foods you eat cause bloating or pain.   

You're tired no matter how much you sleep.

You struggle with depression or anxiety. 

You're in the bathroom more than normal. 

You're unsure what to do next. 

Despite all your efforts nothing has worked.  

Are you tired of feeling like this? 

The good news is you can get your health back.  

The first step is identifying your root cause. 


That's where I come in ... 

Hi! I'm Julie.

I'm an Integrative Nutrition and Functional Medicine Health Coach empowering people with digestive & autoimmune issues using food, lifestyle tweaks and supplements, so they love life again.   

I specialize in digestive conditions such as bloat, constipation, food intolerances, Hpylori, IBS, SIBO, Candida, leaky gut, Celiac and more. 


I have a special passion for helping women with Interstitial Cystitis after living with IC over half my life.  

After years of suffering I'm in complete remission. With my training and functional medicine approach you can enjoy remission too.  

Fix your gut health naturally

to improve your autoimmune

issues, energy, mood... and life. 

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