Hi, I'm Julie. 


I help women like you transform digestive and autoimmune

dis-ease finding the root causes 

for your symptoms and solutions.  

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If you're tired of struggling with constant fatigue, digestive upset, bladder pain, food challenges and depression or anxiety.


 You want real answers and solutions.


Despite all your efforts nothing has worked and you don't know what steps to take next. 


That's where I come in ... 

Hi there, it's Julie 

I'm an Integrative Nutrition and Functional Medicine Health Coach. I'm excited to help women like you take control of your gut dysfunctions & autoimmune disorders naturally so you can finally feel better.    

There was a time in my life, when I struggled with digestive problems, bladder pain and severe allergic reactions. 

Together we'll identify and work through your root causes using healthier swaps to food, lifestyle, and stress reduction.  

I help clients with digestive and autoimmune conditions such as IBS, digestive imbalances, infections or overgrowths, chronic bladder symptoms, allergies, histamine issues and chronic inflammation. 

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