As a Functional Medicine Health Coach, I help you identify what's causing your symptoms and support your goals using natural solutions.  

We will focus on your individual goals and needs. 

Reversing your symptoms doesn't happen overnight.  Health isn't a destination, its an ongoing journey.  I provide you all the tools and training I've learned plus my personal experience. 


It can take time to implement changes.  The goal is to become your own health advocate and implement lasting lifestyle habits. 

You can expect to see an improvement in how you feel within the first month and can expect significant reduction in symptoms by the third month. I've worked with clients who felt 85-90% better after just 12 weeks. It's important to remember each persons journey will be different and it varies dependent on the level of complexity.


Partnering with a health coach removes the overwhelm and confusion plus shortens the time it takes you to figure out the steps needed.  

BENEFITS from partnering together -

  •  Discover the root causes behind your painful bladder, gut or autoimmune symptoms 

  • Learn how to boost your Immune System

  • Restore nutrient imbalances preventing your wellness

  • Achieve a higher quality of life away from the bathroom

  • Reduce your overall inflammation

  • Identify and eliminate any infections, pathogens, bacteria overgrowths, toxins and allergens

  • Avoid unhealthy food or lifestyle choices

  • Rid any limiting beliefs, stress, or negative mindset

  • Learn how to create an environment to achieve remission  

  • Receive ongoing support and accountability along each step

  • Discover healthier food & lifestyle choices

  • Improved self-care, stress reduction & safe movement

  • Restore balance and body functions

  • Receive clinical research with specific resource handouts

  • Typed session notes following each session

  • Email support between sessions never feeling alone

  • Over 75 recipes and multiple lifestyle tools

  • Access to top grade supplements (additional fee)

  • Lab interpretation review 

  • Access to GI Map & BiomeFx testing (additional fee) 

  • Sugar Craving Cleanse and Pantry Cleanout Guide 

Are you finally ready to get to the bottom of your symptoms and take a deep-dive into your health? Please find all the details including fees below. The first step is to book your free 20-minute complimentary call. 

20-minute Free Consultation Call

This is where you share your main health concerns and discover if we're a good fit

Comprehensive Health History Review

Included when you commit to the 3-month plan

Single Zoom review session offered ONLY to those currently working with a Naturopath. Includes review of health history forms, blood chemistry labs, foods, lifestyle habits & suggested supplements to learn your body's interconnectedness and root causes. $250.00.  Supplements are not included. Always check with your doctor before using. 

3-month Plan

6 bi-weekly sessions

Tailored to your personal needs & goals.  

First month

  • Includes health history review

  • First session - 90 minute Zoom health history talk + typed notes

  • Second session two weeks later - 50 minute Zoom + typed notes

  • Ongoing email support 


Second & third month 

(note: autoimmune related conditions may require up to 6 months of working together) 

  • Two bi-weekly 50 minute Zoom sessions + typed notes

  • Ongoing email support


Options after 3-month plan 

  • Continue monthly (ongoing email support) $269

  •  Individual sessions (email support not included)

50 minute Zoom session + typed notes


$135 blood chemistry discussion

$160 stool test discussion

Tests offered at an additional fee -    

  • GI Map Comprehensive Stool test - $430 

  •  BiomeFx stool test - $299




I provide all you need to start feeling like yourself again

If you're ready ...

Apply to work with me: 

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The information on this site is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or be medical advice. 

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