If you're weary from pain, no energy, frequent bathroom visits and missing activities, I get it because I felt this way until I got my health back. 

It's my passion to help you get your health back.  

Hi!  I'm Julie, a Functional Medicine Health Coach, Wife, and Mom.

I know firsthand how frustrating and exhausting the struggle to conquer health issues can be while working and raising a family. 

I had years where I felt terrible with stomach,  bladder and autoimmune symptoms. I spent too long being sidelined from the life I wanted.

I went to multiple doctors and took medicine with horrible side effects. 


I finally decided to become my own health advocate. I learned what foods to eat, what lifestyle and environmental changes to make.  

My passion to help others led me back to school.  Now it's my passion to help women restore their gut, immunity and bladder health, and learn to make healthier food and lifestyle swaps so you can finally feel better and enjoy food and life again. 

Why work with me? 

I lived your life. 

My bladder pain started at 10 years old. I suffered and missed school often.  My teens years were filled with doctors visits and urinary tract infections. I was in the hospital overnight and had my first hydro-distention at 13 years old. I've had 3 distentions and cystoscopies, numerous installations and an Interstim surgically implanted.  Eventually, I had the Interstim removed. 

My gut was a big mess!  My digestive problems started in my 20's  I became lactose intolerant in my thirties and later in life learned I had a casein allergy. I suffered with seasonal allergies,  hives, and years of feeling worn out. I got to the point where I was afraid to eat unsure how my body might react.  


Maintaining optimal gut health is an ongoing process.

Let me help you restore your gut and gain your health back. 

I received my health coaching certification from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, the largest nutrition school in New York.  I completed the first year of studying functional medicine at the School of Applied Functional Medicine (SAFM) and continue studies at SAFM in 2020.  I've taken courses from the Institute for Functional Health Coaching and from Dr. Ben Lynch.  

I stay up to date with the latest research and attend regular workshops and seminars.  

As a Functional Medicine Health Coach, I work with motivated women who are committed and want support to fix their health issues so they can enjoy life again. 


Are you ready to get started? 

Apply to work with me: 

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This call is to discover if we're a good fit.  

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