Are you finally ready to dive deep into your health and find out what's happening?

Imagine ...

  • No more guessing, knowing exactly what you're suppose to do in order to improve your symptoms

  • No more feeling alone, having access to personal accountability and support

As your functional health coach, I help you identify what's causing your symptoms and support your goals using healthier food swaps, supplements and lifestyle tweaks. 

I believe we are our habits. Getting new habits to stick is tricky. Having a step-by-step plan to follow will help you successfully reach your health goals.   

We will focus on your individual goals and needs. 

Health isn't a destination, its an ongoing journey.  Health is something you do. I provide you all the tools and training I've learned for you to create lasting lifestyle habits. You'll experience firsthand your body has the ability to heal given the right tools. 

I provided the answers below to the most frequently asked questions - 

When will I feel better?

You can expect to feel reduction in symptoms within 3 months. I've worked with clients who felt 85-90% better after just 12 weeks.  Gut issues can be resolved within 3 months, yet autoimmune related issues may take up to one year gradually improving each month. It's important to remember each persons journey will be very unique to them.


Visit the testimonial page HERE to learn what other clients had to say.  

What are the benefits of hiring a coach?

  • No more confusion or overwhelm

  • Quicker results 

  • Root cause resolution (finally knowing "why" you have symptoms)

  • Education on how to make lasting changes

  • Restored balance in the right order. Timing is important. 

  • Symptom reduction starting the first month

  • Elimination of infections, pathogens, or overgrowths 

  • Healthier food & lifestyle choices

  • Improved sleep

  • Renewed energy 

  • Reduced stress 

  • Food confidence

  • Balanced gut health 

  • Boosted immune system 

  • Better overall health 

  • Freedom from chronic pain

Will I learn what to eat? 

Education and guidance on foods is provided.  My approach to food is it's important to eat whole foods closest to their natural state and food is medicine.  It's one area we have complete control.  I do not promote fad diets, restriction of entire food groups, or a particular eating style.  I educate on anti-inflammatory foods, help you identify food triggers and provide healthier swaps.  You will have access to recipes and I monitor weekly food diaries for monthly clients. 

I also provide a pantry-cleanout, whole foods guide and sugar cleanse for clients interested.  I do educate on the best foods for specific conditions. 

Will I get handouts?

You'll receive ongoing support and clinical science-based resources after each session in an easy to follow typed protocol.


Are supplements needed? 

Supplements including vitamins will be recommended.  You'll have access to top grade supplements at a discounted price.   I'll educate you on options and you decide after consulting your Doctor which supplements are best for your body. Supplements will be mailed to you within a week from one of two dispensaries I partner with. 


Are labs needed?   

The Doctor says your labs are fine, yet you know your body says different.  This happens often, that is why I believe understanding labs is important. 


I encourage new clients visit their primary Doctor and have a yearly wellness check which includes a CBC, complete blood panel. I'll educate you how to read your markers so you'll be able to monitor your labs in the future. I can also help you order your own lab work if needed. 


If determined functional medicine testing is needed, ​you'll pay the lab fees directly. 

*GI Map comprehensive stool test  & BiomeFx stool test 

What conditions do I have experience helping with?

Functional medicine coaching is a whole body approach. I've coached clients with IBS, colitis,  stomach pain, bacteria overgrowths, acid reflux, h pylori, chronic bladder symptoms, leaky gut, allergies, histamine issues, parasites, skin conditions, vulvodynia, insomnia, pelvic pain, food intolerances, blood sugar issues, chronic fatigue, adrenal issues, nutrient deficiencies, anxiety, depression, thyroid imbalances, hormonal imbalances and for weight loss.

How do I get started?  

 The first step is to book your free consultation call. 

 20-minute Consultation Call - 

This call is where you share your main health concerns. To schedule your session use the link below to access my calendar.  After booking,  a consultation form will be sent to you to complete before our session. 

 In-depth Health History review -

During this 90 minute session you'll discover your root causes (some may need more exploration) and how your symptoms make sense across body systems. A completed 5-day food diary will be discussed.  Learn the recovery plan moving forward to reach your health goals and decide the best session options for you.  This session includes a 90 minute Zoom call + typed session notes 

Monthly plans - 

 Coaching support throughout the month via email during business hours.  Step-by-step protocol working through your personal health goals each week. Two 50-minute Zoom calls + typed session notes after each call. 

I provide all you need to start feeling like yourself again

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