Functional Medicine views each person unique.


Everything in the body is interconnected.


The body's natural, default state is one of wellness.


Dis-ease precedes disease and is evidence of imbalance, blockage, and/or impairment in natural functioning. 

Wellness includes your entire experience (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual).

The goal is to bring balance, ease, and flow to your unique body.

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Are you finally ready to dive deep into your health and find out what imbalances are at play for your symptoms? Symptoms are your bodies way of telling you something is out of balance. 

Imagine ...

  • No more guessing, instead knowing exactly what you're suppose to do in the right order

  • No more feeling alone, having access to personal accountability and support

  • No more wondering what to eat instead learn how to eat for optimal body functions

  • Being able to do the things you love  

As your functional health coach, I help you identify what's causing your symptoms and support your goals using healthier food swaps, supplements and lifestyle tweaks. 

We become our habits. Getting new habits to stick is tricky. Having a step-by-step plan to follow will help you successfully reach your health goals.   Small intentional steps daily make a big difference. 

We will focus on your individual goals and needs. 

Health isn't a destination, its an ongoing journey.  Health is something you do. I provide you all the tools and training I've learned for you to create lasting lifestyle habits. You'll experience firsthand that your body has the ability to heal given the right tools. 

Most want to know when they'll feel better.  It's different for each person. I've worked with clients who felt 85% better after just 12 weeks and continue to see improvements with time.  I've also worked with others who are still on their journey to wellness after 8 months. For more multi-layered complex clients expect  up to one year.  Remember you didn't just wake up sick, it's an accumulation over time of foods, lifestyle choices, stress and toxins. 


Want to know how I've helped others? Visit the testimonial page HERE 

The benefits of working with a health coach are priceless.   Improved sleep, renewed energy, restored balance in your body  and most important confidence as you begin to feel better. 

Functional medicine coaching is a whole body approach. We'll work thru any imbalances in your immune system, hormones, digestive tract, detoxification, and get to the root causes behind your symptoms.  It's never too late to reverse the disease processes in your body. 

How do I get started?  

The first step is to book your free consultation call. 

 20-minute Consultation Call - 

This call is where you share your main health concerns. To schedule your session use the link below to access my calendar.  After booking,  a consultation form will be sent to you to complete before our session. 

Services below - 

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90-minute Health History 

2nd Step 

6 session PLAN
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I provide all you need to start feeling like yourself again.

If you're ready ...

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