Leaky Gut & IC

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

Leaky gut, what? You might be thinking, “Is that like a leaky faucet?”

Your intestinal lining is protected with a barrier that normally has tight junctions. Its semi-permeable which means it allows food particles to get through. But when the junctions (villi) become larger openings that allow wastes, toxins and proteins from foods to escape out into your bloodstream it sets off an inflammatory immune response.

The immune system begins to recognize these foods as invaders/threats. You may suddenly find yourself reacting to many foods that you normally had no trouble eating. The foods aren’t the problem though. They're only a sign that you're intestinal lining is now permeable and needs help restoring the mucosal lining.

Signs of leaky gut usually begin with digestive problems like bloat, gas, constipation or diarrhea that worsen. You may also be getting frequent colds, infections, or worsening allergies that are hard to get over.

The toxins and wastes that leak out into the bloodstream can also irritate the bladder lining. When I work with clients, we’ll address your health starting with your gut because 80% of your immune system is found inside your stomach.

IC, interstitial cystitis is linked to your immune system. Some experts don’t believe it’s an autoimmune disorder. Others, like myself realize the IC interconnection to other body systems and sister conditions believe that IC has an Auto Immune component. If you'd like to understand this more or find out the underlying root cause to you digestive or bladder problems, let's talk during a free 20 minute consultation call.

If foods aren’t the problem then what leads to leaky gut? I have attached 3 very informative images that will help you understand intestinal permeability aka leaky gut, further.

If you suspect you have leaky gut, please reach out. I'm here to help. HERE

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