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Julie is an amazing person and professional I’ve been working with her for 3 months now and I can’t even say how much she helped me.

I was feeling awful and sick I was so desperate and lost and I can truly say that these 3 months are the beginning of a new healthy life and now I believe that I will be on remission very soon.

I’ve been suffering from IC and stomach issues and with her protocol And her dedication I have my life back and the most important thing to me is that I don’t feel the weight of my recovery in my shoulders because she is guiding me at every step and this is a peace of mind! She is the best she can understand your journey very well because she experienced the same issues with IC and gut health! I recommend Julie 200% ! Thanks Julie! 

Marcela, Photographer, Florida

3month IC & Gut Health Client

Before working with Julie I didn't know which foods to eat to support my SIBO and leaky gut.  After only one month I'm 95% confident how to implement the right foods and which to eliminate. I also learned the importance of how/when to eat and how to relax to heal my SIBO & leaky gut.   Julie was a pleasure to work with, always cheerful and encouraging and quick to respond to my emails.  I was given so many helpful resources, recipes, and tips to implement. I absolutely recommend working with Julie. 

Nicole E, Realtor, New York

Gut Health Client 

Cheryl, Speech Pathologist

New Jersey

I found the program extremely organized.  Thank you Julie for taking your time and energy to do this program!  It’s helped me stay on track with my weight loss goals!  I highly recommend this program to my friends"

Brittany S, Stay-at-home Mom/ Baker, Oklahoma

 3 Month Coaching Client  

"The approach Julie outlined for changing eating habits and lifestyle was an awakening as I took the processed sugar out of my diet.  Her informative daily emails and videos prompt a healthy lifestyle that encourages. 

Thank you Julie"

Kim E., Stay-at-home Mom, Oklahoma

Stop Sugar Cravings Program

"This was a great program that helped me begin my  freedom from sugar!  I highly recommend this program to my friends!   I enjoyed the support, the information, and the interaction with Julie"  

Sara S , Elementary Teacher, Oklahoma 

Stop Sugar Cravings Program 

"I liked all the communication available and would recommend this program to my friends.  The program was organized and Julie was helpful.  I’ve done a lot of different weight loss things… and I really enjoyed the emails and all of the information that was provided!"  

Monica, Stay-at-home Mom, Oklahoma 

Stop Sugar Cravings Program


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